Russett Community Association
Committee Listing
The Russett Community Association, comprised of different unique neighborhoods, together we share and enjoy our well planned community's pools, trails, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts.
Russett's Committee Listing
The Board of Directors charters committees to recommend action or manage the details of specific community operations. Standing committees include:
Plans community social functions (e.g., picnics, parties).
Recommends action on pool operations, landscaping, tennis courts, basketball courts, and other amenities.
Reviews homeowner input  on financial matters and draft budget proposals to the Board.
Community discussion including the Russett Reed newsletter and the Russett Website
Is an administrative committee for hearing tribunal for covenants hearings.
Green Committee
Promotes and recommends Green ideas tor the BOD for homeowners & common area.
Management Contract Work Group (ADHOC)
Adhoc committee performing the management contract procurement.
Administrative Committee that reviews all homeowner modification requests and promulgates guidelines 
New Development
Gathers information on new development in and around Russett
Promotes community involvement with the Russett Swim Team. 
Recommends actions to the board to increase security in Russett
Addresses transportation issues in and around Russett
Area Services
Russett Community Association
3500 Russett Common
Laurel, Maryland 20724
Phone 301.498.3897
Office Hours
Monday through Friday | 8am to 5pm