RUSSETT - A Residential Community
Transportation Committee
The Transportation Committee meets on as-needed basis at the Community Center. All Russett residents
are invited to attend and participate in the meetings. The purpose of the committee is to research, prioritize and review suggestions and information related to parking, pedestrian safety and commuter issues in and around Russett. The committee also serves as a homeowner forum for proposal discussion and as a liaison to county and state agencies or departments responsible for these areas.
Several issues the Transportation Committee works on are:
 Parking - Reviewing parking problems in the community
 Pedestrian Safety - Reviewing stop signs, proposed traffic lights, traffic calming devices, handicap accessibility,signs, street markings, etc.
 Commuter issues - Obtain and review information to assist the residents in being aware of commuter options such as trains, buses, handicap access, ride sharing, carpooling and other ways to assist commuters and residents to get to major areas of business and commerce.
If you would like to join us, please email us at
Transportation Committee Update
Committee Members:
Tim Bernadzikowski (Board consultant),
David Blackburn (vice-chair)
Cathy Kazzi (Board consultant)
Nichole Walsh-Meadows (Board consultant)
Graham Mehl (member)
The Transportation Committee has not met recently due to these ongoing discussions with the County. It is anticipated that regular Transportation Committees will resume in the near future. Please consult the RCA online calendar and weekly email updates from the RCA onsite staff for the latest details.

On Wednesday November 9th, 2016, the Anne Arundel County traffic engineer, Mr. Nestor Flores, met with residents to discuss a variety of traffic and pedestrian issues & initiatives, including (but not limited to):
  • Parking on Woodland Hills Way (WHW)
  • Speed limits
  • Crosswalk improvements
  • Traffic control/roundabout at Woodland Hills Way & Russett Green West (RGW)
  • Conversion of Russett Green West (south of Oxbow Place) to 2-lane from existing 4-lane.
Results from this meeting will be distributed separately.

Russett Green West (RGW) is scheduled to be repaved this fall. The County is commencing work on the curbs around some of the crosswalks to make them ADA-compliant. Repaving is to start when the curb work is completed. By the time residents receive this edition of the Reed, this work should have all been completed.
Updates on the above (and additional) issues (as of October 13, 2016):
1. Parking on Woodland Hills Way (WHW): This idea originated because many N1 residents and some N3 residents objected to vehicles being parked on their private streets by persons using the volleyball court. WHW is 40 feet wide, currently marked with a center turn lane (~2000 feet long) and one lane of travel in each direction.  The modification would remove some/all of the center turn lane, and move at least some portion of the eastbound lane towards the center of the road to create a parking area (shoulder) on the south side of the street adjacent to the tot lot and volleyball court. It should be noted that some residents live ~2 miles from these amenities.
2. Russett Green speed limit: RCA Board approved increasing the speed limit on the 2-lane portion of Russett
Green to 35 mph, to match the southern portions of RGE/W. County data supports this change.
3. RGW 2-lane: Board did not vote to make this change that had been proposed by some residents.
4. Oxbow speed limit: Proposed increase from 25 to 30 mph up to Lost Creek. Awaiting traffic study data.
5. Traffic control @ RGW/Woodland Hills: RCA Board voted in favor of installing a roundabout at this
intersection (and not a traffic light or 3-way stop signs). The roundabout could be 1 or 2 lanes (TBD). Cost would be significant and would likely require funding from the County (lobbying of county council and county executive).
6. Marking of additional crosswalks: County has recommended installing a crosswalk with a center island on RGW at the north side of Oxbow/Piney Woods (similar to the ne on Woodland Hills Way). The RCA Board
approved this recommendation. County is also amenable to painting crosswalks at additional locations, which would need to be studied for sightlines and ADA compliance. It is not desirable to mark every intersection. Additional long-term discussions with County are needed.
7. Pedestrian improvements at RGW/Ridgemere: Traffic data collection is being scheduled. County will make recommendations such as adding flashing lights that could be activated by pedestrians by pressing a button, or be automated (motion sensor).
8. Vision impaired pedestrians: Additional discussions with the County are needed.
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