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Activities Committee
Activities Committee
The Activities Committee meets the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Community Center.
Please check the calendar on the website at www.russett.org for the latest meeting and event dates.
All residents are invited to attend and participate in the meetings and events. The primary responsibility of the committee is to plan and provide input to help coordinate Russett’s activities and events.
The committee provides input for the event menus, entertainment, games, door prizes and much more.
If you would like to join us, please email us at activities@russett.org
What's Happening

Melissa Mehl, Secretary
The Committee would like to thank our former Committee members for their planning, work, and efforts.
Russett has had fantastic activities, and we hope to continue having events and gatherings that appeal to the neighborhood. Several new members are on board to help plan activities for 2017, and renewed excitement is in the air!

Late Summer and Fall 2016 were an exciting time for the Activities Committee. Hot Dog Day happened in August even with the blistering heat! Thank you to swimmers who stopped by to enjoy the best meal deal in town and be neighborly. The Halloween Party provided children a great opportunity to dress up, decorate pumpkins, get treats, and have fun in October. Thank you to all the families who helped make the event sold out! Breakfast with Santa is treasure when the holidays are busy and winter is beginning approaching.
Thank you to the hard working volunteers who make the event sparkle, and to the families who enjoyed the jolly time with Santa! We’d like feedback if you have any regarding any event – past or future, so email activities@russett.org to let us know your thoughts.
Each event cannot be possible without amazing volunteers. There is a movement to get more volunteers involved in each event, so our hard-working office staff can be on hand during the week when residents and others need their help. Please sign up to volunteer for events when the information is made available on the community’s website and the weekly email broadcast of “What’s Happening”. Students, be sure to check your calendars – if you’re available, come volunteer at these events to knock out your service hour requirements!
For 2017, we hope to continue favorite activities from the past years as well as add new ones. We want to
contribute to everyone’s enjoying their Russett experience through activities that are affordable, appealing, and diverse. Do you have activities you would like to see in your community? Email the committee at activities@russett.org.
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