RUSSETT - A Residential Community
The Modifications Committee meets the last Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. All residents are invited to attend. The Modifications Committee members are appointed by the Russett Board of Directors. The committee reviews homeowners proposed exterior modifications to their homes to ensure the exterior change is in conformance with the covenants, restrictions and design guidelines.
Russett homeowners are required by covenants on the title/deed of their homes to obtain approval before making exterior modifications/changes.
The Modifications Committee shall promulgate detailed standards and procedures governing its areas of responsibility and practice, consistent with those of the New Construction Committee. In addition thereto, the following shall apply: Plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, color, size, materials, and location of such modifications, additions, or alterations, shall be submitted to the MC for approval as to quality of workmanship and design and as to harmony of external design with existing structures, location in relation to surrounding structures, topography, and finish grade elevation. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to limit the right of an Owner to remodel the interior of his Unit, or to paint the interior of his Unit any color desired. In the event that the MC fails to approve or to disapprove such plans or to request additional information reasonably required within forty-five (45) days after submission, the plans shall be deemed approved.”
Storm Door Modification Form
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