Russett Community Association
Neighborhood 1A
Neighborhood 1A
The Neighborhood 1A Committee is:
  • Marci Bellofatto
  • Perry Bellofatto
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Questions? Comments?
Do you have questions or concerns about our parcel or community?  Please email us at the above address, so we can talk.  We'd like to have a parcel-wide event in the spring and begin to meet bi-monthly, so email us to let us know you're interested.
Neighborhood 1A contains these streets:
  • Claymont Street
  • Hartwood Place
  • Lark Place
  • Woodland Manor Drive
Neighborhood Map
The streets are private streets and maintenance of the streets and sidewalks is performed by the association and funded by the parcel.
Landscaping services for 1A:
Common areas, easements and street strip grass are mowed and edged by the landscaper.  Streetscape trees in the front 5' landscape utility easement are also pruned and mulched.  All other private property tree and shrub plantings are the homeowner's responsibility to replace and/or prune. Leaf removal from the street and right of way areas are done by the landscaper.