Russett Community Association
Amenities Committee - Landscaping
Landscape services contract responsibilities:
  • Underground irrigation system
  • Watering trucks as needed
  • Seasonal flower rotations, hanging baskets, decorative planters
  • Removal of fallen trees and dead trees (over 20 feet in height)
  • Level One Grounds Maintenance
  • Mowing every 7-10 days (during growing season) to maintain height of 3 inches
  • Trimming around all objects in the turf area
  • Edging all walks and concrete curbs
  • Site cleanup to remove all grass clippings, dirt or other debris
  • Spring cleanup to address areas deteriorated through the winter
  • Weeds on curbs, sidewalks, and the Hiker/Biker Trail
  • Hiker/Biker Trail policed for trash and impediments to use
  • Sitting and Playing areas are raked, leveled, and swept clean
  • Ornamental tree and shrub beds maintained weed free
  • Other plant (perennials, ground cover and other plants) maintenance
  • Removal of dead and dying landscaped trees (20 feet and lower) and shrubs
  • Pruning of shrubs and trees
  • Mulching of tree rings and shrubbery beds
  • Turf care services (Spring, late Spring, Summer, early Fall, late Fall)
  • Tree and shrub care (fertilization, pest management)
  • Turf enhancement services (aeration, over seeding, lime/sulfur, renovation)
  • Leaf removal (twice yearly) and property cleanup (trash)
  • Level Two Grounds Maintenance (within the fence line of)
    • 23 storm water management ponds
    • 1 swale
    • 2 dams
    • Includes mowing, fertilization, and property cleanup
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