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Residential neighborhoods within Russett proper consist of 4 condominium communities, 11 town home and 6 single family home neighborhoods which reside on either public or private roadways. All are part of Russett and form the basis of Russett Community Association Inc. (RCA) which is your Home Owners Association (HOA).
State Public roads are owned and fully maintained by the State of Maryland.  Route 198 is the nearest State Public Highway. County Public roads are owned and  fully maintained by  Anne Arundel County. The roads in and out of Russett are all County Roads.  All single family home neighborhoods are on public roads too except for Neighborhood 3.  Private roads are owned and fully maintained by Russett. All townhomes have private roads except for two small sections of road on Lyndhurst and Lost Creek. Private roads networks immediately off of a public road are marked either with an 4" long orange bar/strip along the top edge of the street sign or a BLUE background county street sign.

The boundaries of each neighborhood were established by the developer, Russett Center Limited Partnership (RCLP), during the three phases of construction for the planned unit development (PUD) called Russett. Russett's first homeowners bought and settled here beginning in December of 1991. Aside from having 21 HOA residential neighborhoods paying into Russett's common area fund, there are also 3 apartment rental properties on 4 different sites that pay commercial assessments to Russett. All 4 condominium neighborhoods assess and collect their own neighborhood assessments and perform snow removal on their properties' private roadways.  Russett assesses the remaining 17 neighborhoods directly for both the common area and neighborhood assessments.  For homeowners that live on public roads, Russett does not do snow removal services on their county streets. Snow removal on county streets is done by the county and paid for with your county property taxes.  Homes on private roads do pay for snow removal services for their neighborhood where there are private roads present.
Walmart, Sam's Club, Bay Mist Auto Wash, Library and Kindercare also pay commercial assessments to RCA. Are you unsure what neighborhood you live in or if you live on a county owned public road or a community owned private road and want to find out?
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