Russett Community Association
Swimming Pool
Pool Hours:
               Mon-Fri - 11am - 8pm
               Sat-Sun - 10am - 8pm (and holidays)
Plan ahead! 
If you are new to the Russett Community, there are several ways to obtain Amenities Badges for your household members.  Just visit the Community Center during any of these times and be sure to bring all your household members.  You can obtain your amenities badge during business hours on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  8am - 5pm
Swimming Lessons are administered by the pool management company.
Each Russett household is eligible for a free Visitor Pass that allows 10 visits. 
Additional Visitor Passes can be purchased for an amount specified by the Board. 
Prices of Visitor Passes are subject to change. Visitor Passes are controlled by the Association and may be obtained during normal business hours in the RCA management office.
A Russett Amenities Badge is required to gain access to the Russett Pool Complex. 
Russett homeowners, residents of their immediate households, and renters of residential units may obtain their badges in the Community Center.  Renters must bring with them a copy of their lease and a letter of good standing from the homeowner in order to be issued an amenities badge.
Tenants of the commercial rental properties, e.g., Concord Park, The Meadows at Russett and Camden Apartments, are not eligible for an Amenities Badge.
Swimming Pool Rules
Pool rules are posted in several locations around the Pool Complex and are found in Russett's Book of Resolutions Policy Resolution No. 5. Learn the rules before your first visit to the pool to ensure a safe and happy experience.
Loss of Pool Privileges
  • Any individual who does not comply with the pool rules will be asked to leave the facility and may have their pool privileges revoked.
  • Homeowners settling an account should allow five (5) business days before using the pool 
  • Any household that has ongoing architectural or covenant violations for which it is incurring monetary charges will not be admitted.
Russett Community Association
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