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RUSSETT - A Residential Community
Snow Policy
Please use your garage and driveway (if you have them) to park your vehicles. During snow events, please remove vehicles from the streets so that snowplows can access and clean all the streets in your neighborhood. On streets where on-street parking is utilized, drivers are asked to park on the odd-numbered side of the street. Please do not park in fire lanes or in any area designated as no parking. Your neighbors will thank you.
  • RCA’s snow removal contract states that snow removal and/or salting doesn't occur until:
  • Two or more inches of snow have accumulated
  • Ice has an accumulation of 1/10 in
  • If you live on a county road, the COUNTY plows.
  • If you live on a private road RCA’s snow removal company plows.
  • RCA’s management company is not authorized to activate any type of treatment or snow removal unless the above conditions occur.
  • RCA’s contract does not include pre-treating the roads.
  • RCA’s contract does not include snow removal from individual parking spaces. Plowing is created to provide access in and out of the area.
  • Leave room for snow plows so that they can make it up your street. Even if you have to knock on doors to decide which side of the street everyone will park.
  • No parking is permitted at the cul-de-sac ends and residents are to park their     vehicles off the streets upon and following the accumulation of two inches of snow.
  • “Vehicles parked on the street and not a designed parking spot during a snow   accumulation of three or more inches shall be subject to immediate towing, without the need to issue a warning notice.” Policy Resolution 1
Private & County Road Snow Removal

What can you expect from Anne Arundel County Roads?
In winter months, as soon as snow begins to accumulate, equipment is dispatched to service main and collector roadways. Main and collector roads will be plowed to bare pavement. Our next priority will be insuring each community road is passable. Passable means that although the road may be snow-covered or snow-packed, at least one travel lane will be accessible with a front-wheel drive car. All-weather tires are a must. If our snowplow driver determines that your street meets our definition of passable, no further service will be provided. Read more by visiting the AAC website at www.AACounty.org.
Please refer to the list below for a breakdown of county and private roads.
  • County roads are highlighted in blue. Anne Arundel County Department Operations Center for Snow Removal (410) 222-4040
  • Private roads for condominiums are plowed by their management company which will be American Community Management (410) 997-7767 or Tidewater (443) 548-0191
  • Condominium Roads River: Bend Ct, Bitterwood Place, Floating Leaf Lane, Spring Hill Rd, Piney Woods Place, Carriage Walk Lane, & Carriage Walk Ct.
Beware of Black Ice! Black ice can be hard to spot and forms on the roads when temperatures are 35 degrees or below and rain has fallen. Colder ground temperatures cause rain to freeze upon impact.
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