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RUSSETT - A Residential Community
Neighborhood 7
Neighborhood 7 Oxbow Townhomes
Members of the Neighborhood 7 Committee include:
Send Email to Neighborhood 7 Committee members: neighborhood7@russett.org
Neighborhood 7 Committee members:  
  • David Blackburn
  • Priscilla Johnson
  • Tim Bernadzikowski (ex oficio rep)
Neighborhood 7 is a community of townhomes built by Richmond American Homes and Trafagar Homes. The neighborhood contains these streets:
  • Beaver Creek Road
  • Beech Bottom Road 
  • 3000 Blk Button Bush Lane
  • Lost Creek Blvd, 3000 Blk (Odd #'s) *Public Road 
  • Mallard Shore Drive
  • Pickerd Place Shoal Creek Drive
  • Spice Bush Road
Neighborhood Map The streets are private streets and maintenance of the streets and sidewalks is performed by the association.
Neighborhood 7 was built in the 1995-1998 time-frame, by 2 builders.  N7A consists of the homes north of Beech Bottom Road, built by Richmond American Homes.  N7B is all of the homes south of Beech Bottom Road, built by Trafalgar Homes, now known as Beazer.  N7A residents pay additional dues for lawn maintenance (mowing, edging, leaf removal), that were stipulated by the builder/developer in the deed documents.  N7B residents do not currently have these services. If 51% of the N7B residents approve (via petition) to add these services, then they may be added (including a corresponding increase in monthly HOA dues).  
Russett landscapers will not mow inside of a private lot fence.  N7B residents are reminded that the rear-most 5' of their yard is also their responsibility to mow/maintain.  In some past years, the landscaper mistakenly cut these areas, but no longer performs that service.
Unofficial neighborhood links: [note that some reps may elect to not be a member of these groups]
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1705338889700647/  [contains, county plats, maps, satellite images]
If you would like to be on the  parcel email list to be notified of parcel meetings, and other pertinent communications, please send an email to neighborhood7@russett.org, along with your name, street address, and (optional) phone #.  This information will not be shared with other residents outside of the parcel representatives.By providing this information you implicitly consent to receive all communications via email and forgoing any parcel notices via US Mail service.