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RUSSETT - A Residential Community
The Russett Community Association, Incorporated (RCA) is the homeowner's association for the community of Russett located  in western Anne Arundel County, Maryland. There are three basic governing documents that define the operations and organization for both the commercial properties and residential properties of the community.
  • Commercial and Residential Russett Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCRs)
  • Commercial and Residential By-Laws of the Russett Community Association, Inc.
  • Commercial and Residential Declaration of Easements and Covenants to Share Costs for Russett
To assist with the day-to-day operations of the community, the association contracts administrative and logistical support from a private management company, First Service Residential , Inc. (FSR).  Their corporate offices are in Dania Beach, Florida and they use the Russett Community Center for on-site support.
Russett's Board of Directors members own homes in the community and are responsible for writing policy, making executive decisions while overseeing and approving contracts for the community.
Russett is comprised of different neighborhoods, each specific in it makeup, e.g., townhomes, condominiums or single family.  Each group of condominiums have their own separately elected board of directors whose senior officers often serve as their Neighborhood Representatives.
Each condominium association also have their own separate management companies.  
The townhome and single family neighborhood's homeowners voting members (home owners) cast 1 vote at RCA's annual meeting for up to three representatives that together form their Neighborhood Committee.  The newly elected neighborhood committee then elects and designates its Chair, First Alternate, and Second Alternate from among that neighborhood's elected representatives. The committee serves and represents their neighborhood to the board and their chair casts 1 vote in board  elections and casts votes for all units attributed to each particular neighborhood on other issues.  
Representatives from all the neighborhood committees meet periodically at the informal meeting of the Neighborhood Advisory Group where common community issues are discussed and information exchanged. Neighborhood Chairs cast their neighborhoods' formal votes, for example, to change community documents or to impose assessments at special meetings called for by the Board and to elect members of the Board of Directors at the annual meeting. All representatives are equal and shall report directly to the Board regarding any and all issues in their neighborhoods.
All meetings of the Board of Directors, various Board-chartered committees, the Neighborhood Committees, and the Neighborhood Advisory Group are all open to the community. The Board-chartered committees are staffed by volunteer home owners from the community.  The Neighborhood Committees are elected by the homeowners in each neighborhood. All community members interested in participating are encouraged to become involved.
Russett Community Association
3500 Russett Common
Laurel, Maryland 20724
Phone 301.498.3897
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Monday through Friday | 9:00am to 5pm